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Even with regular dental visits, in some cases, dental surgery is needed. Drs. Jancy Parkerson-McGovern and Daniel McGovern have the skills and experience to provide high quality dental surgery services.

For these reasons and more, we appreciate your consideration of  Chattanooga Dental Arts. Drs. Jancy Parkerson-McGovern and Daniel McGovern deliver affordable and effective options to help you reach your desired outcome.  Our patients rave about their new smiles and tell us that our dental surgery options did indeed positively impact their relationships, professional success, and confidence. Contact us today to get started!

While most dental surgery is performed on an out-patient basis, it remains an involved procedure that requires specific preparation and aftercare. In an effort to provide safe, comfortable care, we encourage you to review our pre- and post-operative instructions, which are intended to facilitate a smooth operation and safer recovery.

Here are a few of the dental surgery services we offer here at Chattanooga Dental Arts:

    • Bone Grafting

      Bone Grafting

      Bone grafting can repair implant sites with inadequate bone structure due to previous extractions, gum disease or injuries.

    • Wisdom Tooth Removal

      Wisdom Tooth Removal

      You may need a wisdom teeth extraction at some point in your life. It is rare for a person to have enough room for all of their wisdom teeth, and as a result, they tend to grow in impacted.

    • Sinus Augmentation

      Sinus Augmentation

      Loss of posterior teeth may result in excessive forces being placed on your remaining teeth. Fortunately, the use of dental implants and crowns allow you to replace these missing teeth.

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