At Chattanooga Dental Arts, we use cutting-edge technology to capture computer-generated replicas of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, known as digital impressions. We use a 3Shape intraoral scanner to accurately and quickly make crowns, partials, dentures, and night guards. The replicas are clear and more accurate than the messy, inconvenient, and uncomfortable conventional plaster molds.

Traditional Dental Impressions Vs. Digital Impressions

Traditional dental impressions have significant room for error since the impressions can have air bubbles, distortions, or defects. With digital impressions, the treatment outcome is predictable, and dentists can measure your teeth and mouth using the digital model. The conventional dental impressions were made using a special dental putty to make teeth molds. You’d have to take deep, relaxing breaths before the putty goes in, and swallowing is only possible at specific times. The procedure is messy, and you might feel the urge to gag.

With digital impressions, you can pause, swallow saliva or take a breath during the process if need be. The process can be started and stopped whenever needed. The imaging system allows your dentist to scan your mouth and build a complete 3D model to precisely fabricate a dental crown or denture.

Digital impressions are minimally invasive than conventional mold impressions. Rather than sending a traditional impression via mail, digital impressions are just a click away. The impressions are sent via e-mail to the dental lab, saving time. Other benefits include:

  • Same-day dentistry restorations that lead to fast treatment.
  • Increased accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.
  • Less chair time for the patient.
  • Dental scan takes a few minutes to capture (3 to 5 minutes).
  • Reduced impression errors due to the elimination of conventional materials.
  • No messy “goop,” discomfort, gagging, and anxiety compared to traditional dental impressions.
  • Quality impressions and improved images leading to precise fitting restoration.
  • Efficient record keeping and reduced physical storage space since the impressions are stored electronically, and no paperwork is involved.
  • The dentist can evaluate and magnify the digital scan while the patient is still sited in the office. If there are any impression-taking errors, they can be rectified before they are submitted to the dental lab.
  • Digital impressions offer a more comfortable experience, especially for those who suffer from dental anxiety.
  • Tooth preparations can be seen on-screen, allowing dentists to modify preparations whenever necessary leading to more accuracy.
  • Patients are more informed and involved in their treatment process since they can have a look at their impressions on the on-screen dental chair.
  • The Digital file is sent instantly to the dental lab eliminating the time spent casting a conventional model.
  • Digital impressions are eco-friendly, eliminating the need for disposable impression materials and plastic trays that would pollute the environment. Digital data can be simply deleted.

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It was my first time here, and I was blew away by the staff, these are the nicest people ever, I had a warm welcome upon entering and the hospitality did not stop. What a great staff. If you need a dentist I highly recommend you to give this business a try. My hygienist was the best, and I felt really comfortable with her. I had went to a dentist up the road first and I wasn’t treated the same upon my entry to their establishment so I remembered talking to a ladie that worked at this dental office sometime back, I drove down the street until I saw this office and I’m so glad I did. Thanks for a great dental experience.

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I went to this office for the first time today & felt like they were glad to help me. I felt at ease & was impressed by everyone! Michelle & Brittney were great & Dr Jancy made me feel confident my needs would be met. I will go here for all my dental needs & highly recommended it!

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My experience has been great! I get extremely nervous when I go to the dentist. They make sure I’m comfortable and always make me feel more relaxed. Everyone on the staff that I’ve encountered have been super nice!

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Front desk is always very kind and helpful. Michele is great, best and most thorough cleanings I’ve ever received. Had to get a crown today, Dr Jancy and Jessica were absolutely terrific. Most painless and comfortable experience at any dentist office I’ve ever been to. Highly recommend

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I absolutely love Michelle. If you are looking for a dental hygienist, pick her! Dr Parkerson is very thorough and I am pleased with the abutment and crown she placed. She was very caring and made sure I was not in any pain during the procedure. They are the best!

Grace W.