• Digital X-Rays

      Digital X-Rays

      Traditional film X-rays were essential in helping the dentists of past years identify dental problems located out of the naked eye’s view – but today, our Chattanooga, TN team is proud to have invested in an advanced alternative! Digital X-rays eliminate many of the pitfalls associated with the original model, including eliminating darkroom development.

    • Intraoral Camera

      Intraoral Camera

      All too often, patients end up left in the dark when it comes to their ongoing oral health because they can’t see what our dentists are seeing. Intraoral cameras solve this problem by transmitting high-resolution images of your unique smile to a monitor right in the room! This allows our team members to make your diagnosis and treatment planning much clearer and more fulfilling overall.

    • Panoramic/CBCT X-Rays

      Panoramic/CBCT X-Rays

      Accuracy in treatment planning is a top priority for Dr. Parkerson and Dr. McGovern , and panoramic X-rays can provide the truly comprehensive information they need to ensure a high level of success as our team transforms patients’ smiles for the better. Unlike traditional X-rays, the images our panoramic system captures are three-dimensional.

    • Nitrous Oxide Sedation

      Nitrous Oxide Sedation

      We understand despite our friendly team’s best efforts, many people simply don’t feel comfortable while visiting the dentist. In order to help you relax, we offer nitrous oxide sedation (also known as “laughing gas”) as a helpful aid. Patients breathe in the nitrous oxide through a nasal mask, and they should start to feel calmer and more content within minutes.

    • IV Conscious Sedation

      IV Conscious Sedation

      IV conscious sedation is another, more moderate form of sedation that’s ideal for patients who suffer from dental-related anxiety or who are in need of multiple, time-consuming procedures. Once in the treatment area, medications to help you relax will be administered through an IV to help you enter a twilight state of relaxation.