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A visit to the dentist can cause fear and anxiety. Patients who experience dental phobia may postpone or avoid vital dental appointments, and multiple dental visits are out of the question. Neglecting your oral health can lead to tooth loss, disease, and overall health problems. However, you can overcome dental fear with nitrous oxide and IV conscious sedation.

Nitrous oxide and IV conscious sedation can both help achieve an appropriate level of relaxation so that a fearful patient can calmly receive the dental care he or she needs. Most states require board-certification, which involves additional training in dosage, monitoring, and safety. The entire process is simple and comfortable. Dr. Parkerson and Dr. McGovern both hold a comprehensive conscious sedation license in TN.

At your first appointment, we will discuss with you your overall health and medical history. If you feel comfortable, we will take X-rays and examine your teeth and supporting tissues. This will give us the information we need to determine which dental treatments will restore your smile.

After a thorough medical and dental history, exam, and xrays, our doctors will discuss various sedation options to best serve you for your specific treatment needs.

    • IV Conscious Sedation

      IV Conscious Sedation

      IV conscious sedation is another, more moderate form of sedation that’s ideal for patients who suffer from dental-related anxiety or who are in need of multiple, time-consuming procedures. Once in the treatment area, medications to help you relax will be administered through an IV to help you enter a twilight state of relaxation.

    • Nitrous Oxide Sedation

      Nitrous Oxide Sedation

      We understand despite our friendly team’s best efforts, many people simply don’t feel comfortable while visiting the dentist. In order to help you relax, we offer nitrous oxide sedation (also known as “laughing gas”) as a helpful aid. Patients breathe in the nitrous oxide through a nasal mask, and they should start to feel calmer and more content within minutes.

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